Received second denial for Aid and Attendance

Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by ET, Apr 3, 2011.

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    MY 96 year old father a WWll veteran will totally exhaust his resources in a few months. Although his Social Security income exceeds the limit for an individual, his medical expenses for a 24/7 aides who have been living with him for the last 15 months is the reason for the depletion of his savings. The aides who have been caring for him are not from agencies but rather recommendations from reliable friends.
    The VA is now asking for signed statements from these care givers.
    What is the best way to handle this?
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    You need to complete the Caregiver Statements and get them back to the VA. There has to be verification of his expenses. It is hoped these payments have been made by check. You should NEVER pay a caregiver in cash.

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