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    And once again, Thank You to everybody for all the advice

    My dad is 82. As I understand it the VA considers a vet over the age of 65 to be disabled.
    On form 21-527 EZ section I question 9 A "What disabilities prevent you from working?" I'd like to answer ,

    "Age 82 and patient/permanent resident of ALF see form 21-0779 and form 21-2680 for detail."

    For 9 B I'd like to put the date he became a resident (Nov 23, 2015)
    Will that do?

    On Section III work history. Should I just put Dad retired at age 67 or do I need to list his employment record?

    On Section VII Income Networth etc.
    I entered a number of less than 10000 for an interest baring savings account. It will earn less than 5 dollars in the next year and most likely will be depleted by May anyway. Question 27 Dividend interest income. Should I putt zero, or less than 5 dollars. Sounds dumb I know but I don't want to get kicked back for something dumb.

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    We are glad to be of help to you here on the forums. Let's see if I can help you with these questions.

    What you want to put for section I question 9A seems fine. The VA is generally concerened in work history and the related questions only if the applicant is under the age of 65.

    You do need to let the VA know when your father became a resident to an assisted living facility or nursing home, you are correct. Make sure to include a Statement of Occupancy from the facility, as well, in the application.

    You can put N/A in the blanks of the work history section if your father is over the age of 65.

    In Section VII, the VA is interested in any sort of income, like this interest baring savings account. As long as you clearly indicate how much money the account is projected to earn in the next year as well as his care expenses in another section of the form, the VA will see that this money will most likely be spent down anyways.

    I hope this helps.

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