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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by CiscoKid, May 25, 2008.

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    Right off the bat I'm having questions about the application, in section I, it asks about any other claims filed with the VA, would that include VA Hospital benefits?

    My father was diagnosed in 2004 with Alzheimer's disease and is getting to the point where he needs increasingly more help with daily activities such as hygiene and dressing
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    Cheer up! Filling it in (if you try on your own) will only get worse.....Go to, then click on "forms"......on the list they will have "step by step guide for 21-526"........If I hadn't found this website (thank you!!!!) and vetassist, I would still be looking for info on how to apply. I followed their info percisely and submitted every last bit of detailed info I could. Included a cover page, stating what I was summiting (forms #'s, supporting doc's, etc). I got my fathers approved in less then 8 weeks. Of course now I'm digging into the "fiduciary mess"....but I least my dad has been "approved!!!!
    Seems if you don't fill in the form EXACTLY how they if you put a 0 instead of leaving it blank under spouses income (even if you early stated you don't have a spouse)it confuses them (duh) and they spend alot of time looking for that "non existing spouse". Use these websites to help you get thru, they saved my sanity. ps found some little bit of info, that they needed the "original" dd-214, not a copy....ordered and sent that as well.

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