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    4b asks for a VA File Number. If this is the first time I am applying, would I have this?

    12b and c asks about treatment at VA facilities. My dad has been treated at two VA facilities. How far back do we go with details on locations of treatment and dates of visits, etc. He also gets some prescriptions through the VA. Do we list those here?

    27J asks for the Amount You Contribute to Your Spouse's Monthly Support. My parents' income consists of SS for both of them, and some withdrawls from IRAs from both of them. So, do I list only my dad's SS and the amounts that come from his IRAs?

    32 asks about disabilities. My dad has multiple conditions (pacemaker, active cancer, Parkinson's) but the one causing him to need assistance with almost every ADL is the Parkinson's. Do I only list that one?

    35F, regarding income. I send my parents $200 a month. Do we need to list that?

    37A, if their checking and savings accounts are joint, do I put them in the "veteran" column or the "spouse" column?

    38A-E, how far back in time do we list expenses. The need for assistance with ADLs is only for my dad. Do we list only his unreimbursed medical expenses or do we list the unreimbursed medical expenses for both him and my mom? Do we include Medicare Part B premiums or just the premiums for their Medicare Supplement and Medicare Part B plans?

    Sorry to ask so many questions, thanks for your help.

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