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    I want to thank everyone that contributes to this forum...what a wonderful resource!
    I'm beginning the daunting task of applying for A&A for my 93 year old WWII vet step-father and 91 year mother.

    I have a few questions:
    1. Went to the VA and was told I would need previous marriage and death certificates for my step-dad and my mother, who are both widowed. I don't see anywhere on the forum where this was required from other applicants. Was I given misinformation? I would think their current marriage certificate to each other would suffice?

    2. On Form 21-527EZ Section III - Veteran's Work History, the instructions say to list all employment, for one year before you became disabled to the present. Does this need to be filled out in my situation? My step-dad is not disabled (my mother is) and hasn't worked for many years.

    3. On Form 21-527EZ Section VII - Income Verification - both my parents have small annuities. Do I list the current value of these of annuities under stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. even though I will also list their monthly annuity payments they receive in Section VIII: Income Verification - Monthly Income? I don't want to overstate their worth.

    4. On Form 21-2680 - Examination for Household Status or Permanent Need for Regular Aid and Attendance - I've read some people said they filled out the form themselves and then had the doctor sign. If I do this, should I just handwrite what I believe to be the answers? Has anyone done this where the doctor did not appreciate this being done? I had to make appointments for each doctor to see my parents in person before they would complete the form...even though they just saw them two weeks ago...just venting in that last sentence :-(.
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    Hi Judy

    1) Under Section IV on the 21-527EZ is where is lists the marriages. If anything other than a current marriage needs to be entered into that block then you will need the subsequent divorce decree/death cert.

    2) It says must complete but due to veterans age they will overlook this section. It is mainly for those veterans who are under 65 with limited to zero income that apply.

    3) If the annuities can be "cashed out" or liquidated then you will have to list their cash value as well as point out what their annuity payments are. I would put the "cash out" amount under Section VII in the "All other property" or "Other" boxes due to the fact that you can specifically state that this is the "cash out" value. Subsequently in Section VIII list the annuity payments in Other to denote that these are the annuity payments received each month.

    4) Do not fill this out on your own!!! The only portion you can fill out is the name and address. Anything medical cannot be completed by you unless you have an MD and are practicing. I can't believe that any Physician would sign their name if they were not filling out the form. Also if the VA ever caught wind of it, it could be considered fraud and then you would have that headache as well.

    Hope that helps and if you need anything else let me know.
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