Pending Decision Approval....time to bite nails!!

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  1. Long story short, original application was sent in January, 2012. It turned out my dad was already getting A&A, so it was switched to request for raise in pension. We have sent several documents twice, etc. You know how that goes. :eek:

    Well, dad contacted a state rep/senator in August for help. I have been checking ebenefits constantly/nearly daily and finally saw a jump to "Pending Decision Approval" today! The estimation is from 2 weeks to about 5-6 weeks. I know statuses can change, but since this is an increase and they have so much info, I hope this is really it! :):):):)

    Question: Dad shouldn't need a fidiciuary (only physical handicaps...not mental). Once officially approved, will he get his backpay right away? Will they go back to the date on intent to file, or the actual filing date? Or, how does that work since this is only an application to increase the benefit he is already getting?

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    If he is not ruled incompetent, it will make the process of getting the back award a lot faster. Can't say how quickly the VA would release all his funds, but it should be following shortly after the 1st month's award.
  3. It said it was preparing for notification today!

    Thanks....that info helps a lot!

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