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  1. An advisor was recommended to me by a trusted source. The advisor says that it will cost $300 to apply for A&A benefit. He has reviewed all the info(and so have I) and we agree that appears that my father qualifies. My advisor says that if he applies then the processing time will be much faster than if I did it. Is this possible?

    also, My father just went into a board and care home due to a broken hip. and may be able to come out in 60-90 days. The advisor says that maybe I should not apply for A&A if my father's care is only short term. Does this make sense?

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    Son of a Veteran,

    NEVER let someone charge you for applying for the Aid and Attendance benefit. It is illegal for anyone to do so.

    All the information you need to apply is on this page: And if you have any specific questions, you can use these forums to do some research to see if anyone has asked a similar question to yours, or post your questions directly here. We always, ALWAYS advise someone to do the application themselves. Mail return receipt and keep a copy of everything.

    If your father will be paying for continuous care of any sort (even to a family member), after he gets out of the board and care home, he is eligible for the benefit. As long as he served during the approved periods of war (found here: and the money he is paying for care is depleting his income. Assets have to total below $80,000 not including a car and a house.

    I hope this helps!
  3. OK thanks for your advice. I asked the adviser about paying a fee for applying- I was told that that is an old law and that it is now legal to charge for applying.

    I was told by this adviser that the processing time is realistically 30-60 days for all who apply, Is this true? I saw on the VA site that the estimated time is 8-10 mos. I was told that that is old info and it no longer takes that long and 30-60 days is a more realistic timeframe. If the adviser can make it happen more quickly then it may be worth the fee.

    and as far as short term need- my question was more about how it affects getting the aid in the future, can you apply more than one time? what if my father gets the benefit , then improves to the point after 3-6 months that he no longer needs paid care? May I just close out the claim and stop getting the A&A, and then apply again if he needs paid care in the future? and is it worth it do it for possibly only 3 - 6 months?

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    Son of a Veteran,

    It is not an old law--it is still illegal to charge for helping someone apply for the Aid and Attendance application. Do not let someone take advantage of you this way. Not when there are free resources, like, to help you with your application process. There are thousands of success stories of people applying by themselves.

    The award being approved by the VA can typically take anywhere from 1-8 months. Unfortunately it is a wide range. This would also depend on your father's age, if he is at or over the age of 90 years old, you can request the application be expedited.

    After he spends down where he will qualify financially again, you would just use the Statement in Support of Claim again informing the VA of his finances at that time to have the pension reinstated. You would not need to reapply.

    I hope this helps! I also sent you a personal email, Son of a Veteran.

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