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  1. ame0927

    ame0927 Newbie

    Hello all,

    I'm working on filing for A&A for my mother with Alzheimer's. She is the surviving spouse of a veteran (my dad). His discharge during Vietnam is listed at "Other than Honorable" NOT "dishonorable". Does anyone have any advise here? Have you seen a discharge like that? Is it worth going through all of this paperwork, or is she ineligible? Any and all advise is welcomed!

    Also, is it necessary for me to become Fiduciary? Or can I just go through this process filing out everything for my mom?
  2. Matt375

    Matt375 Jr. Member

    As long as the discharge is not Dishonorable you should be fine. Fiduciary only happens after a Pension award and that's only if the VA determines that it is needed. Don't even worry about Fiduciary at this point in time.
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  3. Jandy

    Jandy Jr. Member

    Hello ame0927,
    I don't have first hand experience with the "Other than Honorable Discharge" scenario and how it impacts A&A eligibility, but I did find a couple articles that may help you:

    The first link on the page takes you to this helpful factsheet:

    If I were you, I believe I'd call the VA and get some guidance on how to proceed.

    Matt375 is correct about the fiduciary issue. Don't worry about it now--the VA will let you know if one is necessary.

    Best of luck to you and keep us posted....
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  4. Matt375

    Matt375 Jr. Member

    Although I would like to follow-up my post with, if you don't mind answering, What did your father pass from?

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