Nursing Home vs. Assisted Living

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  1. Hello all -

    First, thanks to those contributing to this forum. I've already learned a lot reading the previous posts.

    I've just started helping my Grandfather (a WWII Navy Veteran) obtain his A&A pension. I'm chipping away at the 21-526, have a completed physician's statement, and I'm gathering income information.

    I've gotten conflicting opinions on whether to include the nursing home document. He is in an assisted living facility receiving skilled care. He requires 24/7 assistance (extra staff that he pays for in addition to his "rent"), but the facility itself is, technically, not a nursing home.

    One RN, who claims to have experience with this process, says that including a nursing home document will confuse things since it's technically not a nursing home. But the nursing home form does have areas showing exactly how much money is bleeding out keeping him alive.

    Does anyone have any advice or experience in this area of the process?

    Thanks so much!
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    Glad you found us, and hope we can be helpful along the way for you.

    No, do not include the nursing home document. Mark through on the 21-526 and put ALF. You just want to be sure that you list all his expenses for the additional care he is getting.

    If it is going to take you a bit to pull everything together, you should consider submitting an "Informal Claim" that will start the effective date of the application. This gives you up to a full year to send in the completed packet. If you are close to having everything, then you don't need to do this.
  3. Thank you for the rapid reply. On Labor Day no less!

    OK, good to know RE: nursing home. I'll do as-instructed.

    As for the Informal Claim, I have that filled out but have a slight twinge of red-tape hesitation to send it in. I'm worried they won't match the 21-526 with the Informal Claim. Or "matching" them slows things down somehow. Will they match the two up based on his service number? I think I remember reading (on this site) that they will reply to the claim with an ID number that we then put on the 526?

    Thanks again, hope you had a restful weekend.

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    You will be fine doing an informal claim if you are still a ways from having everything together. It will not slow it down, as you will get a file number assigned to the claim with the informal, which would be the same number you would use on the completed 21-526.

    No days off around here! Hope it was a good weekend for you.
  5. It was good, thanks. I chipped away at this form, but the big win was finding his original discharge papers in the basement. Don't need to wait for the VA to respond to form 180!
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    Good find! Do NOT send the original papers. Get a certified copy to include with the application.
  7. How does one certify a copy? Notary?
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    Have a copy made and get it notarized stating that "This is a true and accurate" copy. Can usually get your bank to notarize.

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