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    Please note that I followed and filed a "notice of claim" per the website here to initiate the claim for my father whilst I collected all the paperwork.

    However, by doing so (and your website does not discuss this) I have inadvertently opted out of the streamlined process of FDC (fully developed claim) which I would have qualified for.
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    You cannot do a FDC on the "Informal" claim to start the effective date. That can only be done when submitting the completed application, and you can still qualify for.

    We do not promote the FDC primarily due to the fact that if you leave one single thing out or unanswered, the application goes to the bottom of the pile for not being a FDC.
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    Do we have any evidence that Pension FDC's are decided faster than non-FDC's? If we do, how much faster? I've always wanted to know, but I've never seen it stated anywhere by the VA. Would love to be pointed in the right direction.
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    According to the VA they do process faster. Having said that, they count on applications being incomplete or missing necessary documents. If you state it is a FDC, and it's not, then you go to the back of the line, or the bottom of the pile.

    Keep in mind that depending on which Pension Center you are dealing with, their a big variables between the 3 of them, so what might be true of one, would not be of another.
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    How's Philadelphia? :)
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    Hate to say it, but they do not enjoy the best reputation out of the 3 Pension Centers.
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    I began this topic.

    The VA help center did file a FDC claim on my father's behalf back in June 2014. I am happy to say that his claim was approved effective July 1st and he has received monies back to that date. However, the notice of claim filed by me (per the website) would give an effective date of May 2014. That's a $3500 difference.

    Of course Dad wants me to follow up on the 2 mos of pension that VA did not acknowledge. He stated that they can't "disapprove" the a&a pension (after the fact) if we request the approval date back to May.

    But I do believe because of all the bad press that the VA has been receiving as of late helped speed my father's claim along (filed in June, benefits received September). So to others, complete the paperwork especially the medical and bring it to your VA help center for review and let them file the FDC on your behalf.

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