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    I have read instructions on here that copies of birth certificates and marriage license should be notarized. Today I attempted to get these documents notarized, only to learn that those documents are not able to be notarized at all. Internet info regarding this supports that these documents are unable to be notarized.

    What do I do now???? I will not, cannot, send the originals and one of the birth certificates is actually from Germany from 88 years ago. Do we know, for sure, that sending simple copies of the birth certificates and marriage license will NOT suffice for the benefit of the application process to continue? I do not see anywhere in the VA instructions that we need notarized documents, have only read that on this forum. Any words of wisdom will be appreciated. This is such a long, tedious process and I feel like I've hit a wall now. Hope not! Thank you for having this website and forum, it has helped me tremendously up until now.
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    You can obtain a certified copy of the birth certificate and marriage license from this website:

    My apologies if it says elsewhere on the site that these documents have to be notarized. I may have said the certificates need to be notarized, when in fact it's the DD214 papers that can be notarized as a copy while the birth, death, and marriage certificates can be ordered as certified copies.

    From my experience and hearing others' stories, you will most likely never see those documents again if you send in the originals.

    I hope that helps!
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    Thank you, Kaylin, for your information. I know from reading on here, not to send my originals. I will check into the vitalchek services.

    I am curious what other people on this forum, who have already applied, did for their copies of the birth certificates and marriage certificates as far as certifying or notarizing? If any of you have any other suggestions on how to best handle these documents in the application, please post here. Thank you!
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    Thanks for the suggestion of The service was fast, efficient, and secure with identity verification. Appreciate all the info throughout the forums for pulling together all the necessary paperwork.
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    That's awesome, debralee! Happy to hear it.

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