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  1. My siblings and myself are in the process of appling for Aid and Attendance for our 88 year old Mother. She is in a ALF facility that in their defense made the pension possiblity known to us. Mom moved in to the ALF in June 2012 the ALF after much proding filed the application through their Vet advocates 11/15/12, they were receiving their monies through a bridge loan Mom had taken out at their advise and almost completely used up. Brief outline of Mom's net worth

    $6000.00 cash
    $26,000.00 IRA

    Countable Income and Expenses show a negative each month.

    The folks used by the ALF advised us that Mom needed to put her home which she did not include in her net worth into a Irrevocable Trust, they put us in touch with a Lawyer who said this could be done for approx. $1,000.00 to $1,500.00. I felt like after reading info on this site that we had no reason at this time do anything with the house, and certainly nothing that would eliminate any chances of Mom returning to her home. We understand if Mom is approved and the house is sold at a later date then we would need to inform VA of the changes to Mom's assets. I hope my understanding is correct.

    It appears the ALF did a sloppy job of filling out the application they failed to list Mom's Ira Account , and some monthly medical out of the pocket cost, also some how it appears appling for benefits for the death of a Vereran Spouse which was never a consideration but VA has sent documents back to be completed for this benefit. My recommendation to my siblings was we needed to have them do what is needed to correct these errors by filing a Statement in Support of Claim and any other info required and also to copy us on the reciept of same by VA. It sadly seems after they were being paid and we didn't need other payable services they lost interest in Mom's claim .After doing extensive reading on this site we now know we must be more proactive and not rely on the ALF and their Veterans Advocate group to do all they promised. I am sure we will have many questions and hope to provide other's info as we progress.

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