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    Hello I am working on Spousal A&A for my 95 year old Mother.

    Her assets are 1. Interest Earning: Checking, Savings, And Passbook Accounts plus a CD.
    2. Matured US E Bonds
    3, Home to be sold

    Form 21-534EZ -> Page 10
    37 Networth
    .......Interest earning ..... Plan to add Checking + Savings + Passbook Accounts
    .......Other.......................CD Amount
    ? where do I post the US E Bonds Matured .......Other or with Stocks Bonds etc...

    ? If house sells before application submit .. Where do I list the Receipts of the Sale

    39. Expected Income
    ? From Mother's interesting Accounts above ......Plan to estimate and place in the Dividend Interest Block.
    Looking for Verification on above. Thank you, In advance > afk324
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    You can add the US E Bonds Matured to the "Other" category. The VA is more concerned about the total dollar amounts being shown.

    If the house sells before the application you can add any documents that show receipts of sale to the full application. You can also include bank statements that show her earnings from the sale. Make sure to clearly show her total profit from the sale (I assume she might have to spend some of that sale money to pay off the rest of the house?). If the house sells after you make the application you can include a Statement in Support of Claim form 21-4138 with any sort of supporting financial documents showing the difference now in her total assets.

    Sounds right to me for the expected income section.
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    Thank-you, Kaylin! Especially for the details for House Sale report options. afk324
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    You're welcome!

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