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    My father is 86 years old and in February of this year he was placed on hospice because a diagnosis of lung cancer.

    We went to our local va office for a list of all documents needed to apply and fortunately my father kept good records and we had all documents at home. The VA worker said that our intent to file would start on that day - 2/25/16. We submitted what I believe to be a fully developed claim on 3/17/16. Every document listed on the list the VA rep gave me and listed on this website we had and every form was completed fully.

    So I faxed the application and all documentation (27 pages) to the number provided by VA rep and listed on the VA website for the claim center for my state (Milwaukee) on 03/17. I faxed again in 3/18. I called the VA to confirm receipt a week later and they had no record of that or the intent to file from my visit to the VA office in 02/25. So I logged on to Ebenefits and completed the application uploaded all documents with no issue in 3/29. Well today 3/31 my father has a file number and when I called the VA today the rep told me it was under review just as the website stated and that based on all the info she saw uploaded she didn't think they would need any other documentation from us. After hearing this and feeling confident that we produced all documentation plus some I clicked the button on ebenefits that says review my claim now as we have no other documentation to submit.

    We also at the urging of the VA rep we initially met with wrote a letter asking to expedite due to age and hospice with a terminal illness.

    So my question is did I actually submit a FDC? And will any of this help the claim be processed sooner! Any insight is very much appreciated! : )
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    I think it is very strange that the VA will not accept the 2/25/16 Intent to File as the date on record of when retroactive funds would be awarded if your father is awarded the full A&A benefit. How did you submit the Intent to File? By mail or by fax?

    One thing I recommend, since you submitted through the eBenefits website, is to not go in to the claim you submitted at any point before you receive communication from the VA if your father has been awarded the benefit to change anything in your original claim. If you do, it might place the claim back at the bottom of the "pile" of those being processed/reviewed by the VA.

    It sounds to me like you submitted an FDC. As long as you indicated it was an FDC on the 21-527EZ form. It could help the claim be processed sooner, they tend to process faster than those that are not FDC's.

    I hope that helps and I hope the award comes to your father soon!
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    Thank you for responding! :)

    I just checked my copy of the paper app (which I scanned and submitted when I applied via ebenefits) and the last part that says check here if you do NOT want the app in the FDC program is unchecked.

    And although the VA rep I met with was very nice, patient and helpful - he stated that he mailed the intent to file and it is common for it to take 35 days for it register in their system. So just to be safe, I typed a statement (which was uploaded when I submitted via ebenefits) saying there was an intent to file done on 02/25 with a copy of the VA reps card included. I've talked to him via email about this and he was very responsive and patient. I don't want to be too worrisome too soon so I'm trying to wait before contact him again and remain prayerful that everything will work out.

    I've also already faxed an inquiry request to my senator. I know it's probably waaaaayyy to early. But my father is in desperate need of assistance.
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    You're welcome! Sounds like an FDC to me, then.

    Ah, I see what the VA rep was telling you about the Intent to File. That was smart of you to include the statement about the Intent to File, as well.

    It is too early to get a Senator involved, but I can understand your need and concern. Hopefully the benefit processing will go through smoothly!

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