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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SCD, Aug 6, 2008.

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    Just got THE call (appoint a fiduciary).....They want to schedule an appointment first with my father Aug 12, then me, after they speak to him... YEAH!!!! Been working on this a LONG time. My father is in an assisted living home in CA, has dementia....I live in Las Vegas. Now they did say they would speak to my dad...What I need to know is what are they going to ask him? He really isn't able to communicate much, and pretty much just agrees with what ever you say....I can ask my brother to be there???, but I would like to know WHAT to expect...Please if anyone has gone thru this I'd appriciate some imput!
    They did say that they will have a LV field repre speak to me here, and to bring my Dads financial papers....but not what they will ask my dad.......Thanks!
    ps contact your congressman, it really made a difference.
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    What awesome news and so glad that your contacting your Congressperson made the difference. Sometimes it does make all the difference, which is why we encourage you when things get to the point of being unacceptable.

    We really don' think there is anything for your family to worry about. This is standard procedures. The meeting with the father is to make sure that the veteran is indeed incapable of handling his own affairs. They will also be checking out the 'assisted living facility' to make sure it is a safe place for the veteran to be. Making sure the family has the best interest of the veteran at heart.

    The meeting with you being interviewed is the most important one. The rep will be looking at the capability of the individual to make decisions on behalf of the veteran and also ability to keep proper records of what the funds are being spent on. These interviews usually go along pretty smoothly.

    We look forward to hearing how it all goes.
    Good luck!
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    A HUGE heartfelt Thank you!!!! I could not have done it without you.....My father is the sweetest person in the world, adopted me and my older sister when he married my mom, and until I got older never even thought about the fact he wasn't my biological dad. NEVER treated us any different (they had 3 more kids together , total of 5). Was a hardworking truck driver, gave up smoking, drinking when he got married (never even knew he had done this), never saw him drink, smoke or swear , or even raise his voice to us in our entire lives. It was devastating when when got dementia, and we realized he needed more care then he could afford. More devastating when we realized WE didn't have enough to help for long.....So you saved us!
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    I just met with a field rep on Monday evening at the assisted living facility with my Mom. He only asked her questions like - what is your birthday, how old are you, do you have dentures, do you have hearing aids, what is your typical day like and if she couldn't answer all those questions (which she didn't) he said it was okay for me to answer for her (or in your case, your brother). He had her stand up and he recorded what she had on (and it wasn't a very good color matching day for her!!) including color of her shoes. I think this is just to prove that he actually saw her. They he got copies of nurses notes, list of RX's, and a copy of their certificate. It was a very painless experience and not at all what I expected. I had to take a copy of her last bank statement, proof of her income, Dr. information, sibling information, copies of insurance policies, character reference info for 2 people for myself, and he had me fill out another "official" request to be named fiduciary even though I'd sent one in June, he had no record of it. He said I had been using the wrong case number - it should have been XSS..... and I'd been using CSS..... because that is what has been on every piece of information I have ever received from the VA. Must have been a typo in the very, very beginning and nothing I had sent had been filed correctly! Go figure that. Luckily, I had my copy of the fiduciary request form with me and just copied all the info onto his form. He said there would be no problem in me being named, he would file his report on Friday and to expect a check in 4-6 weeks. We'll see on that, however! The whole thing took less than 1 hour.
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    Thanks!!! It helps to know what to expect....will be sure to take ALL papers when I speak with them.
    This is especially helpful info to tell my brother, all they said was they wanted to see medical records. Of course in my case I live in another state, so I have the financial papers with me. REALLY didn't want to fax over the huge box full of stuff JUST incase they needed something at that end...but didn't want another hold up! They said I could do my part of the fiduciary process here, where I live.
    Love the help!

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