Nearly ready to submit claim; am I missing anything?

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  1. My 90 year old father-in-law (WWII veteran) was in good health, lived alone in his own home, fiercely independent since being widowed ten years ago. Then he had a stroke in August. After 3 months of rehab, he's now been moved to skilled nursing. My husband and I have begun getting the paperwork together to apply for his A&A. Between the info from this site and forums, I think I have what we need; however, I'd appreciate any additional input.

    We talked to an elder care law attorney early on about the VA benefits and they wanted $5000 to "handle all the paperwork". That seemed a big outrageous. Though, at this point, between all the other issues we've had to deal with these past few months, I'd almost be tempted to pay it just to be assured that everything goes through without a hitch!

    I have certified copies of his military discharge papers already and I am working on completing the following forms:
    0779 (just this morning discovered I need this one!)

    Am I missing anything else? Thank you so much!
  2. VA Legal Team

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    Why are you submitting 8416? There's a section on 527EZ where you should list medical expenses.

    Why are you using 21-22a? That's what the 0845 is for.

    Don't forget discharge papers.
  3. As I understood it, the 21-22A was needed to authorize someone other than the claimant to submit information to the VA on his or her behalf since the VA doesn't recognize Power of Attorney; the 0845 was needed as well since it authorizes the VA to disclose information about the claim to someone other than the claimant himself/herself. I was told this by someone at the VA, but folks here have had success with using only the 0845?

    I did think the 8416 seemed redundant; but it had more room for listing items than the 527, so I thought it might be why I was told to use it.
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    Do not do the 21-22a. Do the 21-0845 Approved 3rd Party.
  5. Okay. We already have it signed, so we'll just hold it back in case we need it later on. Thanks!

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