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    Recap: I am in the process of filing for aid and attendance for my almost 94 year old father who resides in assisted living. His monthly SS payment covers only about one-half of his monthly charge, so my brother and I cover the other half. His assets were used earlier in 2014 when he was on private pay in a rehab and nursing center.

    1. Do I use Form 21-8416 or Section X on 21-527EZ for his medical expenses? He has more than 4 providers, so I assume I would need to attach an additional sheet with the 527 showing those expenses.
    2. On Form 21-4138, statement in support of claim, should I detail services offered by his facility to support his needs, or do I emphasize his medical needs? Obviously these overlap. Should I use both blank pages to support his claim, or would the VA prefer a shorter statement? I've already found elsewhere on this site a VA regulation about Aid and Attendance that should be included on the statement. Still true?
    3. Section VII, Form 21-527EZ----I am a joint owner of my father's checking account. I've been assisting him with bill paying for over a year. All money from the account is used only for his expenses. Will my name on his account cause a problem?
    4. Form 21-2680 or VDVA Form 10? He is scheduled for an appointment with his doctor this week. His doctor has not seen him for almost 6 months, so are we allowed to tell the doctor what we've observed. His doctor communicates with assisted living and home health by phone and changes Dad's meds after test results as needed that way. I also have the last report from the cardiologist. Should a copy of this report be sent too?

    I'm uncertain about what is too much information to send. I don't want to delay his acceptance by including too little at the beginning.

    I so appreciate your site. It has provided an immense amount of information, and I'm still reading posts to be sure I've covered everything.
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    a couple more questions

    My father still has his home and receives all of his mail at the home address not at assisted living. Which address should I use for filing his VA forms?
    On income verification, do I show the amount in his account on the day I file or amount at the beginning of the month? There won't be too much difference. Do I also need to send a bank statement?

    Thank you so much for your advice.
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    1. i'd use the 21-8416 so it is all on one sheet and just write see 21-8416 on the 21-527ez

    2. your "buddy statement" isn't really needed. have his physician complete VA Form 21-2680. you can have the facility provide a statement of the service they provide and the rate he pays.

    3. your name on the account won;t matter, just be sure to report any interest income he earned in 2014.

    4. either form works, 9 times out of 10 a nurse fills out the form and the doctor just signs it. majority of the time VA Form 21-2680of the Form 10 is all they need but it never helps to send medical records.

    mailing address should be the one that gets checked most often. can even send it C/O to your home.

    generally speaking for income verification it works like taxes. they compare it to IRS/SSA data and count the higher amount. as long as you report the gross amounts it isn't an issue.

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