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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kathyk, May 24, 2017.

  1. Kathyk

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    My mom got her award letter, and it's only for like $258, with her first check coming June 1st. My question is, I will be using this to pay myself for her care. I currently write myself a check from her account each month for caregiver services. Would I just continue to write that check, then another check for the VA monies stating on the memo line "dementia care for (month)"?

    I also sent the fiduciary form in and then will have a different checking account when that finalizes ?

    Also, what kinds of things can she pay for with her A & A monies (besides the caregiver)?

    Thanks, Kathy
  2. Kathyk

    Kathyk Newbie

    Does anyone know this question?
  3. Kaylin

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    Yes, you would need to write yourself a check for the care services you provide. A check is far better than cash for documentation purposes. I'm not sure what you mean by another check?...

    You will have to set up a different, separate account for the fiduciary account.

    Technically she can pay for whatever she needs with her A&A money but it is recommended it mostly be spent on care services.
  4. Kathyk

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    What I meant by "another check" is, I write myself a check for her care from her ss & pension. Since she is now getting the A& A money that is going into that same checking account, should I write my usual check, then another check for the A & A money, just to keep the monies separate (until I'm appointed fiduciary), then that will be a separate account. I hope this makes sense to you. Thanks
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  5. Kaylin

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    Ah, I see! Yes if it were me I would write separate checks until the fiduciary process has been completed. Better safe than sorry.
  6. Matt375

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    Yes, keep everything separate so you can demonstrate the cost of the care being provided should the VA ever want proof. It will be much easier once you are appointed fiduciary.
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  7. Kathyk

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    Thanks as always for your responses!
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