Mom awarded aid and attendance in 4 months

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    I credit this site for providing the necessary information to pursue this on my own. I mailed all the documents to the Minneapolis service center. I tracked the progress on ebenefits. I am my mom’s live in caretaker. I included bank statements and cancelled checks, showing payments for 2 months. There was a question re IRS matching income. I sent a document showing her income was no longer available from a 401k. I made sure her Doctor, clearly stated her need for a caretaker. Surprisingly, $800 was factored in from a previously denied burial claim. The burial claim pushed the claim to the maximum amount allowed. I sent a folder with dividers, for various sections. I followed the advice on this forum. I read as many questions as I could, to become familiar with the procedure. Knowing that any question asked in the forum, will be promptly answered, is invaluable. I started gathering information in March, filed June 01, and the award as mailed October 10. This hard work was definitely worth the peace of mind, given to my mom, for her financial situation. Thank you!
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    Thank you for sharing your success story, and I am so happy to know that was a part of this journey with you.

    What a great thing that your Mom will be able to afford proper care, and give you both peace of mind.

    Again, thanks for letting us know, and allowing us to honor your Dad's service.

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