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What is the LOOK BACK time frame for disclosing financial data

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  1. vetsaid10661

    vetsaid10661 Newbie

    I cannot locate the rules and regs that describes the LOOK BACK time frame for financial disclosure.
    The applications states (2) options
    1-If the VET chooses to disclose all financial data their application will be reviewed as soon as possible
    2-If the VET doesn't disclose this data their application will go to the bottom of the pile

    However the application states:If a VET was in combat more than (5) years ago they do not have to disclose the data .
    Obviously WWII combat VETS seem to fall into this class .
    Is there a LOOK BACK period as there is when applying for Medicaid ?
  2. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Weclome to the forums and we hope you will find resources and support here to help you get through this process.

    There is no lookback period as there is with Medicaid. Assets are counted from the day of application. If the pension is awarded, there will be an annual income evaluation form (EVR) that will be sent and needs to be filled out and sent back by the deadline date given. Failure to do so can result in benefits being stopped.
  3. RandyF

    RandyF Newbie

    If a person (veteran) is applying for either the Pension/A&A or VA Healthcare and they decide not to give their financial information I don't see anyway that they will be granted for either as these or both finance driven. Just my thought on the subject.

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