Long wait for a 97 year old WWII Vet

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    • My father had an attorney file his Application for Aide and Attendance because he wanted to make sure it was filed correctly. He has been waiting for over 10 months and we have had no response. We were told by the VA that his application was flagged to be expedited. The attorney said the VA was dragging out his approval because of his age hoping he will die then they don't have to pay out anything. Any suggestions my father will be out of money in a few months and will be put out of his Assisted Living Facility
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    Cynthia, I would contact the Senator of whichever state your father lives in. 10 months is too long, especially if you expedited the application. Contact the Senator and ask them to make a Congressional inquiry into the status of his application. Let them know that he requested expedition of the application. The VA has to respond to a Congressional inquiry within 30 days.
  2. Thank you for your response I just recently wrote to our US Senator.
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