Is there a reputable organization to help with this in NM?

Discussion in 'Tips and Resources' started by Aid4Mom, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Aid4Mom

    Aid4Mom Newbie

    I am needing to find a professional to help me. I see several people are being directed to such help through private message. Do you think you will be able to give me some direction as well? Thank you very much!!
  2. OhioVSO

    OhioVSO Newbie


    Try the VSO services offered by your state. It doesn't hurt to read the info found here so you can better help them assemble the claim.
  3. Aid4Mom

    Aid4Mom Newbie

    Thank you OhioVSO. My local VSO is literally down the street from me. We have a very large community of veterans here. Now to see how accessible he is. Again - Thank you!
  4. 330PMC

    330PMC Newbie

    If he is backed up, you can always contact the VFW or ALG. if you look on page 2 of the form below, they are all non-profits that help vets file for benefits.

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