Is a personal appointment with VA possible?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dru, Oct 17, 2008.

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    Because I have not been able to get an email response, and I don't trust a phone response, is it possible for me to make an appointment with a representative at the VARO where my mother's application is being processed? If it is possible, what form will I need to have signed in order for them to discuss my mother's claim with me? Has anyone else had any experience with doing this? This will involve a long drive, so I want to have my ducks in a row before I do this.
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    Did you complete and submit form 21-22a with the application appointing you as Claimant's Representative?
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    Hi Dru, I just finished going thru the entire process....and have started receiving monthly checks and got the back pay check as well (took over 2 years)....YEAH!!!!
    I had gone thru the same problem, and found that if I called I got a different person each time, and a lot of different responses as well. Some couldn't find my 22a on file and wouldn't talk to me, so I learned to just call the next day and talk to someone else. I am curious to see what others say about going there in person...I did go to the Long beach CA VA (6hr drive) to change my dads address (whole nother story), I lived in las vegas, and spent 4 hours trying to get to the right person...brought my dad along because they needed him to say it was ok, and after finally getting to someone who said they could change it went home...just to find out a week later IT STILL WASN'T changed. Never got a response by email, only received about 2 calls returned from the 100's that said they would call back....what worked for me was calling my dads congressman!!!! within 2 months I got my checks! Good luck!!!!!
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    21-22a is not the form to be used for representing someone who is mentally incompetent, is it? I don't want to even hint that she may be mentally incompetent because I'm sure then there would be another year's delay while they dork around with getting that set up. My brother has my Mom's power of attorney and he may have included form 21-22a in the original file, appointing him as the authorized rep. Can there be two people who are authorized reps, so that both my brother and I both can be reps? He lives in the same town as my mother, and I live 300 miles away, but his time constraints are way more burdensome than mine, so that I would be the one who could take time off and drive to the VARO. We have contacted my Mom's Congressman, but there are legislators who serve their constituents, and there are those who serve themselves. Honestly, I hate to be critical of the VA, as I know they are overburdened and underpaid, but I'm sure that their management, or lack of it, is responsible for these delays. Good management would be out there in the public screaming their heads off about their lack of staff and inability to process critical claims in a timely manner.
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    Form 21-22a simply gives you the right for the VA to speak with you about the claim. It has nothing to do with mental capabilities. Generally speaking only one person is assigned to make inquiries on the veteran/spouse's behalf. Can you imagine what would happen if they "allowed" everyone in the family to call, visit, etc and having to deal with more than one family member regarding one claim?
    It may be a matter of your brother having to do this rather than you in order to get the answers that you need. If you can't get anywhere with her Congressman, then contact both Senators, and if that doesn't work, contact your governor's office. The squeaky wheel theory. It is an election year, and I would go so far as to contact the local TV stations and ask for the special investigation/reporter desk and tell them you have a problem. At a minimum they may make a phone call for you and if the thought of the press getting involved helps to motivate someone, it could be to your advantage.

    It is not a matter of speaking ill of the VA. It is what it is whether you say it or not. The system is flawed, broken, and has gone without an accounting for far too long. If you have not read the article on the VA shredding documents or my blog dated 9/22 titled “Did You Know", you might find some insights on how things really run at the VA, and sadly none of this is by accident.

    There are good people within the VA who do try to do their job, but you can only do the job you were trained to do, and if people are not trained for excellence, or given the proper tools, then what you get is people who are in positions of disseminating information who are not knowledgeable. The VA recently gave all top executives 3.8 million dollars in award bonuses for a job well done. In addition, they voted for a 16% pay increase across the board - the highest of any government agency! Do you think these bonuses and pay increases were performanced based for providing services to our veterans and their families? Do you think our veterans benefit from their generosity to themselves?

    It is "we the people" who need to be screaming our heads off demanding that this system be streamlined, easy to navigate, and claims processed in a timely manner. The A&A application at one time was a simple, basic 4-page application. Do you think that it turned into a 27-page application for convenience or rather for a way to delay payment? This is too high a price-tag to remain silent and accept business as usual.
  6. Sandy

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    I suggest calling your state department of Veterans' Affairs.
    The VA seems to give as many incorrect answers are correct ones.
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    I went to the Veteran Services office at the local court house with my Dad and they went over all the paperwork with my Dad. We just took all the required paperwork with us along with the medical form completed my the family physician the the Director at that office typed everything in the computer while we were there. Within 4 months my Dad received is award letter saying he would received benefits. That was in Pennsylvania. The Veteran Services office staff was GREAT.

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