Is A&A pension affected/reduced by SS income

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    My mother is the widow of a wartime veteran. She was approved last year for VA benefit of $158/mo. and has since moved into an assisted living facility that apparently qualifies her for $1055/mo. Is it possible that the $1055 will be reduced by her SS income resulting in the amount she is currently receiving?
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    It depends on what her "countable" income is after all the allowable expenses at the end of the month. More than likely the costs of the ALF will have her short in meeting all her expenses, but following is a forumula to help you arrive at where she will stand. This will determine the amount of the pension awarded.

    The VA suggests that its adjudicators use a certain amount of personal judgment on this issue. But the bottom line is: does it realistically appear that the veteran or surviving spouse may outlive their assets? If so, they are likely eligible.

    Do NOT count their residence or vehicle when estimating net worth.

    Do NOT count a life insurance policy (because the policy holder must be
    deceased in order to benefit from it).

    DO count CDs, annuities, stocks, bonds, savings, checking, IRAs, Keogh,

    DO count any assets owned by the spouse as well.

    As a rule of thumb, assets should not exceed $80,000. That amount drops
    depending on the age of claimant.

    List below the estimated ANNUAL income of the veteran or surviving spouse:

    Estimate total income (If married include spousal income): ______

    All income must be included. This includes social security, pension,
    interest income, dividends, income from rental property, etc.

    If the veteran is married, then any spousal income must also be included.

    List all unreimbursed, recurring health care expenses:

    This includes:

    Assisted Living costs (per month): _________________

    Nursing Home costs (per month):________________

    Home Care service (per month):_______________

    Health Insurance premium (per month):_______________

    Medicare premium (per month):_________________

    Regular (unreimbursed) prescriptions
    (per month & verifiable through a pharmacy print-out): _____________

    TOTAL Expenses per month: __________
    (multiply x 12 to get total annual expenses)

    Subtract your total annual health care expenses from your total annual
    income and write the amount here: _____________. This is your "countable" income

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