Intent to File Claim - VA File Number and Veteran's Service Number

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    Hello. This is my first time posting. Thanks for this Forum!

    I am in the process of completing an Intent to File Claim with my father, a vet in the Korean Conflict. In Section I, box #3 requests a VA File Number (if applicable) and box #8 requests a Veteran's Service Number (if applicable).

    Where do I find these numbers?

    Also, while I'm filling out the form, I've listed the Claimant as my father. He will sign the form. Can I put my phone number and email address in the spaces provided? He is currently in the hospital and aware but it would be easier for me to manage the process for him.
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  2. Jandy

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    Hi JimsKid#3,

    If your father does not have a VA file # (from a previous claim for benefits), just leave that question blank. When I filed an Intent to File for my father, I was not sure if he had ever filed for any type of benefit, so I left that question blank. When the VA got back to me in a few weeks acknowledging the Intent to File, they provided a VA File Number for my father's case right at the top of their letter. I used that on all subsequent communications and of course, on the full application.

    Your father's Service Number can be found on his Discharge/Separation papers (DD-214). If you don't have these papers, you will need to get them to file the application. Here's a link showing what documents you will need:

    And yes, you can put your contact info on the form. I did the same thing since my father has dementia and I preferred to be the point person. Under Current Mailing Address, I wrote "c/o [my address]." And I included only my phone number and email address. There was no problem with this approach.

    Good luck and keep us posted!
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    Thank you Jandy. The information is very helpful!
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    Jandy gave you the perfect answers. I hope that helps, JimsKid#3!
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    Kaylin, I'm filling out the intent form for my dad and I'm confused about his service number. His number including the first two characters which are letters is one character longer than the space given on the form. Should the two letters not be used? He was in the army in korea and drafted.
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