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    Applying for A&A for my veteran father.

    Re the questions about INCOME in Form 21-527EZ:

    (1) In Section VIII (Income Verification), is this just a CURRENT snapshot of monthly income? I ask because of what I've heard re cross-checking with the IRS. Dad's most recent tax return (for tax year 2014) shows a small amount of income ($1000) from a land lease. However, that isn't happening anymore--he has/will have no lease income for 2015 onward....Will this be a problem if IRS sees the $1000 from 2014 with no mention of it on my application (will they wonder where it went)?

    (2) Probably a stupid question, but Section VIII asks for GROSS income. Dad's most recent Social Security award letter says his monthly amount (before deductions) is $1928. After deductions for Medicare, the award letters says he gets $1824. And sure enough, his bank acct statements show the monthly deposit of the lower amt, $1824.

    Since it asks for GROSS income, I should put the higher amt of $1928 in the blank, correct (even though this doesn't match up with what his bank account statements show as deposits)?
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    1. Yes, I believe you only want to show the current income. You might also want to add a separate note on the Statement in Support of Claim form that explains the difference in the land lease since it is no longer occurring.

    2. Yes, you should put the GROSS amount of income he receives, which is the $1928. As long as the Medicare is listed separately as a medical expense, the VA will see it.

    I hope that helps! Thank you to your father for his service.
  3. Jandy

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    Many, many thanks, Kaylin. I really appreciate it.

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