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    Thank you for the kind words. When you say basic pension, I'm not sure if you mean a different pension separate from the Aid and Attendance pension or the basic level of the Aid and Attendance pension benefit. Because he can only receive one level of the Aid and Attendance. If it's a separate pension other than the Aid and Attendance levels, then yes he can receive his pension along with the A&A pension.

    There is not currently a look back for the benefits, the 3 year look back will be implemented next year sometime.
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    Completing 21-527EZ, page 7, section 8&9. Asking for monthly income and expected income. My FIL only collects SSA and I listed that in section 8 under monthly. Section 9 asks for expected income. Does that mean the annual SSA? He doesn't collect salary or wages except SSA.
    Thank you!
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    For the expected income it is best to list anything in addition to the regular monthly income he currently receives that you have not already listed. Such as selling of a house. Or cashing out of stocks.
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    Thank you so much.
    My FIL has no other assets. His only financial income is from SSA and a small annuity which I listed in section 8. He has some cash in an interest account but I've included that.
    No IRA, No Stocks, No house, no wages & salary. I was trying to be sure expected 12 month income in section 9 did not need to include SSA and the annuity I included in section 8.
    Does section 9 require 12 month income related to SSA and the annuity?
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    If you want to list his expected income in section 9 for the 12 months of SSA and the annuity - I'm sure that would be fine. As long as it's clear it's from the same SSA and annuity listed in section 8. Sounds like you're getting there with completing the forms! You're welcome.
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    I'm confused about how to fill out Section IX for Social Security income that was already stated in Section VIII. I thought I didn't have to based on a prior thread dated May 26, 2015:
    VA Legal Team
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    You do not need to report income that you already reported under gross month income; this means you do not need to double count social security or pension.
    However, you need to report annual expected income like interest from bank accounts or a Required Minimum Distribution from an IRA.

    I'm only listing rental income from the home my Dad owns in section IX. He lives in an assisted living facility and has only SSA and the rental income. Please clarify.
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    Your assumption on not double counting the SS in the expected income section is a good one. Per what VA Legal Team said - only include the expected income you have not already listed like interest from bank accounts, rental income, etc.

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