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    I am just starting out on this journey. Thanks to all who are contributing!

    I have been reading and reading and can't seem to find my basic questions answered.

    1. I see that there are 3 levels of Pension. Do all three require a 0 countable income?

    It is not that simple. Have to factor in the age, amount of monthly care expenses. For the Basic level, it is strictly based on income. If someone falls below the estimated $1200 a month, they are eligible for the difference to be brought up to the $1200.
    2. Is the surviving spouse of a war qualified vet eligible for the Basic pension? Yes.

    3. When hiring "In Home Care", what services qualify towards un-reimbursed medical expenses?

    I can't see anywhere if driving to doctor's appointments, help with Physical Therapy or grocery shopping, paying bills and finance keeping or housekeeping meet the criteria. Also would prescribed supplements and her medical alert pendant be considered?

    The expenses have to be related to the physical need for assistance. If you have services coming in to assit with PT, taking to Dr. appts etc, you do not need to break it down. Rx's are factored in, but only the amount that is not covered by insurance. Am not sure about the pendant. Maybe someone on the forum can jump in on that issue.
    My mom meets the asset and surviving spouse requirements. She is still at home but is not eating well, doesn't drive, needs help with balance exercises and is having a hard time doing household chores. I pay all the bills and take care of the finances. I do not live with her.

    Her income is about 1600/month but will be going down by $300 in another year. She is not on any meds (thankfully). Because of this, her current countable income would be about $1265.

    I am spending a lot of time helping her already with driving, bill paying and shopping and now I feel for her to be able to stay well, I am going to have to help her with balance physical therapy and do some cooking. If I start charging her for these services, does she have to 0 countable income for her to get ANY assistance in helping pay me for these services? Even the basic pension and some assistance would help. My own financial well being is being compromised by all the time it is taking.

    Any answers would be appreciated. I just can't seem to find anywhere, on any web site what the countable income is for the 3 levels or what is considered a qualified medical need.

    Overall what you have shared here sounds as though Mom is still fairly "independent" and does not have a real need for assistance as in a caregiver coming in to assit her with daily living. This also depends on what her Dr. would say in his evaluation stating her needs. It also seems that without any real expenses for care, she would currently have too much in the way of monthly income.

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