I applied one year ago, now what?

Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by Joleen, May 21, 2016.

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    Thanks for this forum! I applied on behalf of my mom, a surviving spouse, one year ago (June 2015). I used the local county VA agent. He said the application was complete. I have heard nothing from the VA.

    Right after I applied, my sister heard from a 3rd party who wanted to provide home health care for 20 hours per week. Mom's in assisted living and we need help with that huge bill. Why did we hear from the private organization and nothing from the VA?

    The agent had said 4-6 months. I stopped by in Dec. 2015 and he said 8 months to a year. He could see the application in the system and nothing had been done. Now it's been a year. What is the next step?
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    This is way too long to be waiting for a decision from the VA. I would contact the state Senator of where your mother currently lives and have them make a senatorial inquiry into the status of her application. Then the VA has to reply within one month's time by law.

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