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    AH! I found the language in another post for the informal claim, stating the regulation, as follows:

    Please accept this correspondence as my informal claim for non service-connected pension with 'Aid & Attendance' benefit for a veteran, as provided by the following regulation:

    38 CFR 3.155 Informal Claims...
    including a, b, and c

    Is that all that I need to have on the form? Do I need to add anything more specific?
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    I have sent you a private message in response to your post.
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    Hi Debbie and all,
    I'm checking in after having been off several days. Lots of good questions asked and answered. I'm afraid I have one now that was just asked, but can't find an answer easily: I'm filling out the informal claim form 21-4138 for my Mom, have the CFR language I need, but wonder if on that page 2 there is anything more I should add about her or anything that would be helpful at this point?

    I too am wondering how her 91 year old age with affect this--will it be a reduced award if she qualifies, or will it be less consideration for her claim overall?

    And as we are heading into very increased caregiver fees in the next few months that will hopefully make her qualify (let's assume for this question she does), will it matter if she's just had caregiver service for 2 or 3 months when we formally file? And, also, can anyone say if what they will award her will offset the caregiver costs, with room to grow? i.e. we can see that its just really going to increase from here, and wondering about this angle of what they MAY award. Hope this makes sense.
    Thank you all, Suse and Debbie especially, once again.

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