how to document value of savings bonds

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    When I first discovered this wonderful forum, it became clear that my parents were not quite at a point where they would qualify for the VA Pension.
    But I learned a lot here and began assembling everything so we would be ready to file when they needed it.
    As their home health aide expenses were increasing steadily, and I was getting close to being ready to submit application, my pop passed away. He was 95 and served mostly in the Pacific as a PBY radioman (Feb'41-Dec'46)

    So now we will be submitting for my mom for death pension benefits with aid + attendance.

    Her assets include a whole bunch of US savings bonds and I'm not sure the best way to document their value. I can print reports from a program called "Savings Bond Wizard" and that's what I plan to do unless someone has a better suggestion?

    Thank you,
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    Our condolences on the loss of your Dad.

    There should be some way to contact who the bonds are issued by to determine their value. Hope that you can get a clear answer on that.

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