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    :( I'm back . . . I placed my mother into an assisted living facility but it did not work out for us for many reasons. (the facility and lack of services she required, her inability to adapt and her constant crying and begging me to take her home). I couldn't handle the self imposed guilt of leaving her there so I have brought her home to live with me again. In just a few weeks, however, she has become so difficult to take care of I am going to have to bring in additional help (bathing, bathroom assistance, daycare)

    I am here asking anyone for information regarding the Veterans Homebound Benefits. My mother is unable to leave the home unassisted, has dementia, numerous strokes have left her partiallly paralyzed.

    Can I hire someone (anyone I choose - whether or not they are RN's or LPN's or CNA's?) to help care for her and still receive VA benefits for her or do I have to go thru an agency that handles these things?

    back to square one . . .

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    You can hire anyone that you want to. This includes family members also. You must have record of payment in order to count it as a deductable medical expense with the VA. I can send you a copy of the VA regulation on this if you want.

    You may also want to consider downloading a copy of the new POA form and have your mother sign to appoint you as her representative. This will allow you to present paperwork to the VA on her behalf and also to obtain status reports on her case. You can also request a complete copy of her claim's file if you need it.

    As I recall, you had already made an application, so the effective date should remain the same. Keep in mind that a veteran and/or widow can be entitle to aid & attendance even if they are staying at home. The key is, 'the need of assistance'. From your posting, I would say your mother would be entitle to the aid & attendance benefit. Apply for that and if she is not entitle, the VA will consider the same claim for the housebound rating.

    I hope this information is of help to you. Let me know if you have any additional questions.
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    thanks for the info. I would love to see the regulations for homebound care from the VA if you don't mind sending them to me.

    I will download the POA from the VA as well. . . Is it on their website?
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    The main information that you are looking for is in section 13 at the following link.


    The new POA form and regulations are posted on the front page of VeteranAid.org
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    I am receiving benefits for a disability called PTSD will I stiil be able to receive homebound benefits and will they reduce the amount that I will get because of how much I am getting now
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    Unless you are rated 100% service-connected, you cannot draw both "compensation" and "pension". If you are housebound and require assistance with daily living, you would need to see which would pay you more.

    Thank you for your service to our country.
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    I pulled up the info per your attached website but I do not see a section 13???


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