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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by soulfly75, Aug 29, 2011.

  1. soulfly75

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    Great site.First time poster.

    Well I applied for A&A recently and used most of the info through these sites to help me out.BUT I forgot about the income limit for getting A&A benefits.I don't know why but yea a major over sight indeed.My mom is 66 years old and 100% disabled.She is on renal care dialysis and is blind in her right eye,history of congestive heart failure and walks with a 4 prong cane.She does NOT drive nor read and is pretty much stuck at home.I included her doctors letter stating all this.

    She gets my dads military pension $871 a month and social sec $801 month (medicare deducted). She has few money market accounts but the interest earned is only a few dollars a year.She does own a home and that's it.So her yearly is around $20065.Of course they denied her benefits so now she has decided to pay me cash per week,about $175.I am here staying with her now and hold a part time job (2 1/2 days a week) but with her current congestive heart failure issues I believe I will have to quit that job totally.

    My question is since she has decided to pay me $175 a week in cash can we re-apply for A&A benefits?I do believe that $175 a week should put her below the income limit?If so,how do I go about in getting this done?I do appreciate it.

    Also,do you think she can qualify for any other additional benefits with the VA?
  2. soulfly75

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    any takers?
  3. vetadmin

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    She can't pay you in cash. She needs proof of payments for care, so she needs to pay you by check.

    You can do a VA form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim letting the VA know that you ommitted an expense, and that her financial situation has changed. They will use this information to reconsider the claim based off of the information provided.
  4. soulfly75

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    Hello and thank you for your response.If I'm unable to cash a check (never used banks) what could be our other options to show proof of payment?I will print out that form yoou indicated above and fill it out.Please reply.
  5. vetadmin

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    This is an unusual situation, and not sure what would be your best recourse.

    Your mom would need to show through a verified means, canceled check, bank statement, credit card charges etc. The VA is not going to just take her word for it. You could possibly write up a written receipt at the end of each month stating the receipt is for caregiver services, and keep an accounting of it that way. I can't promise that the VA will find this acceptable.

    Perhaps someone else on the forums who has encoutered a situation similar to yours can offer another suggestion.
  6. Marp

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    I know you don't use banks, but could you take the cash your mom gives you and take it to the bank to have a money order made out? I think most money orders come with a carbon copy-receipt kind of thing which would show the amount paid & to whom it was paid.

    Perhaps the VA would find that acceptable?
  7. soulfly75

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    Thanks for the reply.I never thought of that.I think I'll call the VA and ask them if a money order receipt is sufficient enough.
  8. soulfly75

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    quick question,whats the difference between homebound benefit and aid and attendance benefit?
  9. vetadmin

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    The level of care and services the applicant requires. You can be home and qualify for A&A depending on your needs.
  10. soulfly75

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    so home bound is an additional benefit she can apply for?
    she only has one eye and doesn't drive,does that qualify her? thanks again.
  11. vetadmin

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    No, you cannot draw the Housebound level and the A&A level. It's one or the other, and which one it is depends on the level of care, her needs, and her physical condition.

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