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    I joined the US Army in March of 2009. I went through meps and passed. I have always been a healthy athletic person. I trained before going to Fort Jackson for basic training. My husband is 11B and helped me prepare. Two weeks into basic my legs/ankles swelled up so big that I couldn't put on my boots. I had a bone scan and found that I had fractures in my right hip, both tibia plateus, and both heels. They sent me to PTRP where I was informed that I was healthy and in shape. The physical therapist for PTRP starting digging deeper into my medical history. At meps they asked if I was on birth control, but never asked what kind or how long. The physical therapist asked those questions. I was on the Depo Provera shot for the better part of a decade. He informed me that the army has done research and found that females joining the army who haven't been off of the shot for over a year tend to have bone problems. I got out in July of 2009 because my bones were not healing. They gave me a uncharicterized chapter 5-17 and told me I could go to the VA once home to get help. I did that. The VA denied my claim for service related injuries. I work over 40 hours a week and can barely walk. Where do I go from here. I take calcium, vitamins, and take it easy when I can. I am no longer the same person I use to be. I use to play volleyball once a week and run 4 days a week. It is depressing not to be able to be active anymore. Can anyone help me?
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    you need to read the rating that was provided to you. it should explain why your claimed SC conditions were denied. there are many other forums on the internet that relate more to SC claims. do a search and i am sure you will find a better forum to help you!

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