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    I have several questions I hope someone can answer:

    1. On the 21-534 EZ form question #5 "Has the veteran, surviving spouse ever filed a claim with VA". I did send in the informal claim and Va replied with a number to reference on future communication. Is that considered having filed a claim? Is the reference number the VA File Number?

    2. Do I need to include a Marriage Certificate? My parents were never married to anyone else and no divorce.

    3. People on this forum have mentioned sending all the info and claim in a three ring binder. Is this recommended?

    Thank you, thank you for any help. I have learned so much from this forum but I still feel confused!
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    An informal claim is not considered an actual claim for benefits.

    If you are filing for both your Dad and Mom, then yes, you need to include the Marriage License. If you are making application for your Mom, yes, you have to include a copy of the Marriage License.

    For those who have submitted in a binder, it seems to have helped.

    Glad you found us, and wishing you the best of luck with the process.

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