Form 21-4138 Statement in Support of Claim

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  1. JennA10194

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    I am sure that it's posted here somewhere, but I cannot find what you're supposed to put on this form.

    "The following statement is made in connection with a claim for benefits in the case of the above named veteran:"

    What are we supposed to write here?
  2. Kaylin

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    This form is universal. It is used to add extra information or clarify information on the original application. It can be used to update the VA on additional income (e.g. the veteran's house is sold and they received money, which will now count as an asset) or expenses (e.g. the veteran moves into an assisted living home when they were originally doing in-home care). If the VA requests more information regarding their application, this form can also be used.
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    Can you , or are you supposed to use this form if you want to report a change in the bank account where the benefit would be deposited? My MIL had her bank account changed recently but haven't actually been awarded anything yet. Not sure when to report this to VA, after any potential award, or before?

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