First response, now forms 21-0518, 21-8416, VCAA Notice Response

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by cfess, Sep 23, 2012.

  1. cfess

    cfess Newbie

    I submitted an Informal Claim on 8/1/2012 and followed it up with the full packet of forms and papers on 9/12. Both sent with return receipt.

    I've received a packet from the VA with a letter dated 9/10, so it's obviously in response to just the Informal Claim.
    They have asked that I complete:
    • form 21-0518-1 Improved Pension Eligibility Verification Report (surviving spouse with no children)
    • form 21P-8416 Medical Expense Report
    • VCAA Notice Response form
    • form 21-2680 Doctor's Statment

    The full packet I sent on 9/12 included (along with many other things):
    21-534 Application for Surviving Spouse which includes Medical Expenses in section IX
    21-2680 Doctor's Statment

    My Questions:
    1. Do I need to complete 21-0518-1 and 21P-8416. They seem to be just a repeat of what's on 21-534.
    2. What is the significance and relative importance of the VCAA Notice Response form since I think I've sent everything they need.
    Should I complete and return it, and if so.... how?

    Thanks again for your help!
  2. cfess

    cfess Newbie

    If anyone has experience with this, I'd be awfully grateful for your advice. I've worked so darn hard to get it right I don't want to mess up now! Thanks!
  3. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member


    With the VA if they ask for the same documents more than once, it is best to just send again. So would recommend sending what they have asked for.
  4. cfess

    cfess Newbie

    But.... they're only responding to just my Informal Claim....
  5. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    You can wait to see if you get another letter from the actual application, but if you don't get anything by the end of 20 days, I would send it to them.
  6. cfess

    cfess Newbie

    So what's the difference between 21-0518-1 and 21-534?
  7. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

  8. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    I found a couple of those sample forms online. They were great! Big help. :)
    We are at 6 months now...sigh :(
    Hope something gives soon...
  9. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    I did make sure to fill out that VCAA form. I think they must have that as part of the claim. We received a letter a couple of months after submitting the claim that listed what they had received already. Some of the other forms had to be faxed and sent repeatedly until they showed up.

    When I was pretty sure they had everything, I checked the box that says something like...we have sent you all you need to decide to claim, please proceed.

    Hope this helps...Good Luck :)
  10. suse

    suse Jr. Member

    I'm confused...which isn't unusual for me in this you wait for them to ask for the VCAA?

  11. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Yes you wait.
  12. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    Sorry if my post confused you Suse...but you are right, the whole process is confusing. :)

    That form came from the va as part of a request for more information for my husband's claim.
    It is not something we sent with the original claim.
    We had several forms that we sent (not part of the orginal claim) that had to be submitted several times before showing up in the system. Thankfully to Debbie's great advice here, I persisted and resubmitted them until they finally were recorded in the system. It is frustrating but if it gets us to end of this road it will be worth it.
  13. suse

    suse Jr. Member

    Thanks for the clarification, vetwife. I am almost there for sending in my mounds of paperwork. Should have it in the mail by October 8th or sooner. Where did you send your app to...just wondering if one location is better than another....not that we have a choice. It is just so strange how one application will be approved in a relatively short time, all things considered, while others drag on and on. I am already wondering what I will do with all the hours I will have after I get this packet in the mail. Probably obsess about what is being done on it, will they approve, did I forget something, did I send too much, did I send too little, and on and on and on. I have come to the conclusion that even though I am inclined to be an obsessive control freak, it must take that to educate oneself over hours and hours of learning all this on Debbie's incredibly helpful website, as we all have done, to complete this incredibly arduous process. I truly can not imagine what it would have been like to try to do this alone and not have the experiences of Debbie and all of you out there to draw on. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  14. cfess

    cfess Newbie

    Confusing is a good way to put it. I think I get it, then all of a sudden I don't. When I started this topic I wrote a very detailed description and I think I made it too involved. The answers have confused me more. I think I'd like to try once more with less detail.

    1. I sent Informal Claim

    2. They replied asking for: 21-0518-1 Eligibility Verification Report, 21P-8416 Medical Expenses, 21-2680 Doctor's Statment, and VCAA Response form.

    3. BUT... Before that arrived, I'd already mailed the Full Packet of stuff.

    Do you think the full blown packet will satisfy their needs since it will cover all the same topics in much greater detail?

    Thanks again,

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