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Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by takkaebby2003, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. takkaebby2003

    takkaebby2003 Newbie

    Hi All! We are finally in the FINAL phase, whatever that means. After 290 days, the last 72 in the "Rating" phase. After a couple of falls and a stroke we are almost home! Does anyone know what the process is for the last phase? The rep said it could take up to 11 days to receive a letter in the mail. I have read on here that sometimes they deposit the funds before you get the actual letter. My truck was repossessed and I was hoping to get it back soon...

    Thanks and as soon as that money is deposited I am definitely making a large donation to VetAid...The experience, strength, and hope has proven invaluable to me....

    Thanks to you all for openly sharing your experience and of course, Debbie for being the Rock, glue, cheerleader, encourager, advocate, source of GOOD THAT

  2. takkaebby2003

    takkaebby2003 Newbie

    Just looked on ebenefits and saw a something about "Special Correspondence" out of the Philadelphia office...(we're in Florida) as of yesterday. Anyone know what this means???

    But no info available...
  3. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Application is being processed in PA. That is the Pension Center that handles FL.

    Fingers crossed that this is the last lap!
  4. newpenny

    newpenny Jr. Member

    Yes many times the money is in your account before the letter arrives. In my experience "special correspondence" on the ebenefits web page refers to a letter from your senator or congressmen.
  5. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    Very happy for you and your dad that your long road may be coming to an end.
    You would think it would not have taken that long since he was already recieving benefits.
    I understand what you are going through as my husband and I are struggling too.
    We are going further and further into debt, and I do not know how long we can tread water.

    I wanted to register him for the e-benefits. I would like to be able to see updates that way.
    It seems you have verify identity in person or you must have been in the va medical system in the last few years.
    I got through to a rep today and she is mailing some kind of form for us to fill out.
    I hope we will be able to register after that. Something to do with Dept. of Defense I.D.
  6. pdecur

    pdecur Newbie

    I too am getting Dad set up for ebenefits. But he has do remote proofing to get the premium benefits. When we talked to the VSO today, he said we would to go some place in downtown St Louis. So I will call and try and get the same form. I want to be able to keep track of how things are progressing.
  7. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    It is very difficult to take my hubby out due to his health.
    I only take him out to the doctor and even that is quite an effort.
    I thought maybe the form would replace the in person proofing.
    If not we won't bother with it. Too hard for us...
    I will stick to calling every few weeks for updates, and waiting on hold :)
  8. takkaebby2003

    takkaebby2003 Newbie

    OK, got a letter in the mail today from PA saying they recieved app and there are agreat number of claims...blah blah blah...On ebenefits it says that the "entire decision packet is ready for mailing". What the heck is happening? They have made a rating decision, but the agent cant see what that rating is and it could take up to 11 days as of June 12th. Anybody have any experience???

    Still Hopeful....I wish I could have some idea of the rating decision. Anxious...

  9. vetwife

    vetwife Full Member

    No experience to offer..but, it sounds like you will be hearing soon doesn't it?
    At least you can see something on ebenefits.
    I think that form letter just keeps coming until everything is final.
    Every step seems sooo slow.
  10. newpenny

    newpenny Jr. Member

    takkaebby it means they have made a decision, typed up the decision and will be mailed. It should be mailed in a day or 2 and it should take 2 or 3 days for you to receive it.. What agent are you talking about that see the decision?
  11. newpenny

    newpenny Jr. Member

    I mean that cannot see the decision.
  12. newpenny

    newpenny Jr. Member

    I think you mean the agent on the phone. I do not think, they can see it. But trust me if it says "entire decision packet is ready for mailing" on ebenefits page that means it is done and being sent. That happened to me and I my check was in my account before I got the letter because I get my money on the 1st of the month and my letter arrived after the 1st.
  13. takkaebby2003

    takkaebby2003 Newbie

    Thanks newpenny, I really can't wait. I applied for special adpative housine too on May 1st 2012 and that claim was miraculously processed too....

    I am very hopeful. Perhaps that letter was because of the inquiry that Senator Bill Nelson made. Interestingly, I didnt see anything on ebenefits when Con Mica's office sent an inquiry....

    Keep Praying,

  14. newpenny

    newpenny Jr. Member

    the inquire that your Senator, or Congress makes does make all of the difference in the world, unfortunately some are better than others. Because I live in Maine and there are only about 1 million people, it is easier for us to get attention from our senators. That is one advantage we have.
  15. Belvedere

    Belvedere Newbie

    We just went through a similar experience and the VA center was in Philadelphia.
    The CSR, in truth, can see the decision. They simply will not reveal it until the letter has been mailed and in your hands. Honest. Talk to enough CSR's and one of them eventually makes a "slip", as was the case with us.

    My mom's claim (vet spouse) was approved June 4 and letter was dated June 11 received June 15. First benefits installment was direct deposited July 1.

    However...if your Dad by reason of health is rated incompetent to handle his fiduciary affairs then those retroactive 12+ months of payments will not be arriving anytime soon. The fiduciary process starts along with a 60 day "waiting period" If your Dad was rated incompetent, file a 21-438 immediately and state that he waives due process and agrees to appointed of fiduciary, unless he disagrees with the incompetence filing. If he does, it will be a very long slog.

    In a perfect world, your 21-438 should stop the 60 day wait period. It most likely will not. They will ignore it. In our case they straight out said they would ignore it because they were too bz. If you are really, really lucky count about 70 days from your 21-438 filing and then you might see the retroactive funds being distributed. If, that is, the fiduciary (hopefully you) was appointed)

    HINT; Get the fax number of the Philly VA office The number is 215-383-3191. Fax everything and then follow by regular mail. Faxing speeds up posting to his file by weeks. I've proven it.
  16. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Thanks for jumping in with this, and everything you say is 100% on the money!
  17. Belvedere

    Belvedere Newbie

    I must alter some info in my last post. Filing a "waiver of due process" did nothing to stop the 60 day waiting period. In fact, the 60 day waiting period went to 75 days. At thsat point AI called and was told by the CSR that a rating decision was made that day and that a letter would reach us with 20 days. Thirty days later I called and spoke to a different CSR. No letter was received. This CSR refuted the 20 day timetable for issuance of the rating letter. Instead, we were told that there is no rating decision forthcoming just yet as it must be reviewed by a supervisor. There was no timetable given for the review to commence. In short, one year after filing this is still not completely resolved. After some cajoling the CSR saw to it to write the issue up as a "case" and assigned a tracking number. I was advised to call in two weeks.

    Understand that the claim was approved in nine months with the intercession of the local congressman..and only because of the intercession buy the local congressman. There were never any issue with the claim that would have curtailed or delayed action by the VA. The VA question no item in the application. Assuming some action will have been taken in the next two weeks, interviews with the claimant, who is in advanced dementia, and a potential fiduciary needs to be scheduled and executed. CSR mentioned 45- 6-0 days for that to happen.....Of course, then there is another series of actions to determine feasibility of fiduciary etc. I suspect that this process will now take two years to complete. My experience has bewe that Philadelphia simply pays no heed of set timelines for approval of any action. They also ignore correspondence in support of claim....for instance, the due process waiver, which the CSR acknowledged was in the file and had been in the file for 55 days. Most disturbing is the blase attitude....a consistent "so what". Troubling.
  18. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    So sorry, and even sorrier that the VA is allowed to get away with this. This is why so many give up or or the VA outlasts the veteran or widow.
  19. TryingToHelp

    TryingToHelp Newbie

    Congratulations! The last phase just means that someone will be looking over the whole thing and making sure everything was done right, then composes the letter, sends the information to one more person to double-check everything, and the letter is sent out. There are times when there are problems with what the Rater input into the system or the Veteran Service Rep looking over the entire thing sees a discrepancy and it has to be completed. Yes, sometimes the check is received before you actually get the letter! Keep an eye on the bank account and Merry Christmas!

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