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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by nananorma, May 6, 2008.

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    Hi...I am glad to hear your mom received her award money. I am STILL waiting for my mom's. The fiduciary field rep came to our house June 2 and a little over a week later I got the fiduciary agreement letter. Then around June 20 got a letter saying they received her direct deposit form. This month makes a year we have been waiting. I called the 800 # a month ago and they said something like it is in process of dispurse of funds or something like that. Also called the local VA rep that helped us from the beginining and he called and asked them to expedite this claim for us. We are still waiting. I just dont understand the delay...very frustrating. I see most people on this site is experiencing the same problems - delays followed by more delays! By the time we get it, it will be time to turn around and do a evr form before there is time to even use it...She was officially to start receiving it Oct. 1st of 07. Should I keep calling?
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    I am just getting ready to apply for A&A for my mom. She is 82 and the surviving spouse of WWII vet. She is recovering from viral encepahlilitis and has had some cognitive issues due to it. I am her POA but after reading the posts I am fearful that her physician statement may include dementia and we will get stuck in this fiduciary problem. I think I am reading that I can request to be her fiduciary, is this true?How? We really need to speed this up as she will be going to assisted living ($2700/mo) and her only income is her $800 in SS per month. She does have property to sell, but it is not of much value and it may take some time to find a buyer.
    Thanks in advance for you response.
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    Hi, I WAS in the same situation......and even though I worked on it almost everyday (calling, waiting for calls (ha-ha), emailing,writing and researching) it still took well over a year....
    Once I got ALL the info I needed to actually file...this took alot of time, some wasted because I believed them when they said "this is all you need".....wasted 6 months on this!!!! Then couldn't get some doc's because they wouldn't release info to me (I have been POA for years, but each institution required there own forms, and the VA wouldn't acknowledge me forever, even after I filed the 22A forms) .
    I actually filed on 2/22/08, received "approval" on 4/14/08....then fiduciary took another 5 months to get the first (and back payments).........So it really depends on how determined, lucky etc you are. I did call my Dads congressman and that did help us expidite us. So file as complete request as possible, document everything and keep persisting...When you can't get an answer, call back, alot of times you get a different answer (some are helpful)....

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