Fiduciary status -- keep on top of it, part 2

Discussion in 'Share Your Personal Experience' started by jscott, Apr 6, 2016.

  1. jscott

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    In a previous post, I detailed how my MIL's fiduciary application fell through the cracks at the Indianapolis Hub, but that we'd finally received the back payment (about $20,400) check -- with no appointment letter.

    Update: True to form, we waited 3 weeks for the letter, so my husband had to call. Another oversight, they said, and mailed the letter right away. Then had to call back to get the enclosure that was left out.

    I'm delighted to tell everyone, though, that we opened the fiduciary bank account and deposited the check!

    BTW, Indianapolis did not require my husband to post a bond "because the amount was so low." (Since when is $20K+ a low amount to anyone?). Also because the amount is low, he was told there would be only a one-time accounting in 9 months. He also updated the checking account for her monthly checks over the phone. We just received last month's check by mail, so next month should be direct deposited.

    Thank you, Debbie, Kaylin, and the forum!
  2. Kaylin

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    Wonderful news, jscott! Happy to hear your story is turning into a happier ending. I appreciate you sharing your experience on the forum to hopefully help others in the future.
  3. vetadmin

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    AWESOME news jscott!!

    Don't know how they didn't require the bond as 20K is the trigger to require that, but good for you guys!

    Thanks for sharing the update, and glad we could be here for you!!
  4. jscott

    jscott Jr. Member

    Our back award was $20,473. Maybe it was so close to the line (and the fact they had dropped the ball) had something to do with it.

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