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    My dad was approved for a pension and aid and attendance. At the time we submitted the paperwork, my dad was at the beginning stages of his stroke and the doctor was unclear of his competency. Therefore, the VA has requested a fiduciary be appointed. My dad is much better now and very coherent; however, we are still handling all of his financials and insurance affairs. It is a load even for us. We are unclear as to whether we should advice him to claim himself competent or not at this point. He has all his faculties about him just a little slow in responding. Does anyone have any advice? We want to do what is right for our dad, but we also don't want to make things more difficult for all of us in the long run.
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    This is a difficult situation as it is a long and very challenging battle to get the VA to acknowledge competency once the ruling has been made.

    If you have not intentions of handing your Dad back all his financial and insurance affairs, but plan to continue handling them as you are now, you may want to leave things as they are.

    I can appreciate wanting the decision and record to accurately reflect his mental abilities, but you will have to decide if the battle is going to be worth it.

    You would have to get the Dr to write a new evaluation, and to make a very strong case, and that won't ensure the VA reverses their ruling.

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