Family Members Covering Expenses After A&A Is Being Received

Discussion in 'Countable Income' started by clebr4, Nov 24, 2015.

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    My mother is in assisted living and has been receiving the Aid and Attendance benefit. Can family members make deposits into her checking account to help cover expenses? Social Security and the A & A benefit are transmitted to the account automatically. We have not added any funds to her checking account to date because we did not want to create any basis for the VA to somehow assume that all income and assets were not reflected in the original application.

    Thank you for this site. I can't imagine trying to get an application approved without the resources provided here.
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    We do not recommend putting monies into her account. Clean accounting so that there is no questions to be asked.

    While inconvenient, you or the other family members need to write a personal check for the shortfall.
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    Along this same line, my mom was just awarded A & A. She will eventually have shortfalls for payments to her in-home 24/7 care agency. You mention that we can write personal checks of our own, directly to the agency, for the shortfall. Will our checks to the agency be considered countable income for her and need to be reported to the VA?
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    Good question. Unless you were writing the checks directly to your mother then, no, this should not count as "countable income" by the VA. The money is not hers at any time during that transaction therefore cannot and should not be credited to her name.
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    Thanks for the response. That's a big relief!
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