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  1. Gerald

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    My father, deceased siince 1986 was a WWII veteren serving in the CBI theater, mostly in India. My mother was diagnosed with dimentia in 2003 and after a fall in 2005 was unable to walk again and placed in a nursing facility. We filled out all the application forms for nursing home care in may 2005. I, her son and legal guardian, never received any type of reply from the VA to this day. She passed away in Feb. 2007 after spending almost 22 months in the nursing facility. How can I find out what happened to her benefits?
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    Hi Gerald,
    Do you have proof that you filed an application i.e. Did you send it certified return receipt requested? Did you ever receive any letter from the VA acknowledging receipt of the application?
    Did you keep a copy of the form you sent the VA?
    If yes, Did you ask for A&A in that application?
  3. Gerald

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    At the time of application in spring 2005, the owner of the nursing home filled out all the papers. I just signed them and provided the other necessary info such as death certificate and discharge papers for my father. The nursing home said that they always keep a copy of the application, but I haven't contacted them yet.
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    Hi Gerald,
    You need to get a copy from them - hopefully they sent it return receipt requested and have proof of receipt. Did you call the VA and ask if they have her application on file? You have 1 year after her death to make a claim with the VA.
    Based on what they have and what the answer from the VA is will result in different tactics, so let us know.
    Good Luck,
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    Surviving Spouse

    My father served in the korean war ... he passed in 2006, then me and my wife looked after my mother ....who had a fall in Jan 2010 and under went surgery and we got her into a nursing home facility....applied for medicaid....which we are greatfully it got approved....She finally passed away on May 2010...wondering if I can apply for benefits for burial and other accrued benefits...I am above the age of 23...I spend on both my parents burial expenses and currently their house is on reverse mortgage..soon going to be taken over by the bank...My question is .. what accrued benefits can I claim from VA?...My parents had a hard life and never used any VA benefits before.
  6. vetadmin

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    If you never applied for any benefits on their behalf there are no accrued benefits for you to seek.
  7. My dad WWII, Saipan survivor died in Dec. 2009. My mother has dementia (Alzheimer's). She meets all criteria and I applied through the local VA in March 2010 and have received 2 letters of receipt of application and to wait patiently. That's all well and good, but how does she (me) pay for $865 meds, $2-3,000 home care, and $323 BCBS health ins supplement, totaling $3-5,000 a month not including food and personal items on an income of $1165 per month? Out of cash, out of medicine, out of food, while being told to be patient. My dad, the proud Marine would be ashamed. We need help and fast. What can I do?
  8. vetadmin

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    You can write a letter asking for expediting her application due to extreme financial hardship. I would also suggest you call the VA and verbally tell them as well. As a last stop if this doesn't push things through, call your senator and ask them to intervene on her behalf. The VA has to respond within 72 hours to any type of congressioanl inquiry.

    Hope you can get things resolved shortly.

    Please keep us posted.
  9. I really appreciate your suggestions and information. I will contact the VA and my congressman and senator. I will keep you posted. Great forum. Thank you for this.
  10. Max

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    The requirement is to provide the congressional office with a status within 5 business days. This does not mean that every claim is expedited that comes through a congressional office.

    Just a heads up.


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