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  1. I was helped greatly by this forum when I applied for the A&A benefit for my father, a WWII veteran. He was awarded the benefit in 2014 and received monthly payments. An accrued amount was to be paid when a fiduciary was named. He passed away last year, a few weeks after I was named fiduciary, but before the accrued amount was paid.

    After his estate paid his final expenses (funeral, hospital, nursing home), I submitted VA Form 21-601, along with receipts for these expenses. About a month later I received a check with a letter that said, "We have granted accrued benefits to you in the amount of $xxx.xx. This is the amount that estate can be reimbursed for the last expenses of (veteran) paid by the estate." The check was payable to me for his account. I was the executor of the estate. The check was for exactly the amount of the expenses, which was less than the amount that my father would have received had he lived. I'm telling all this since I believe I recall some discussion here a while back about how an estate plays into an application for funds from a deceased veteran's accrued benefits. Maybe it will be helpful to someone else.

    Also, a recent post on this forum asked about accrued benefits for a surviving spouse. Form 21-601 says the accrued amount is payable "in full to the surviving spouse." It appears, to me at least, that the full amount is paid not as reimbursement for expenses, but as an entitlement for the spouse. No receipts or justification of need is necessary. Sections III and IV of the form are skipped if the spouse is applying. That's my reading of it anyway.

    By the way, VA form 21-601 was the simplest thing I've done in dealing with the VA and received the quickest response.

    My many thanks for the help this forum gave my family in navigating the VA process and in helping us care for our father.
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    We are so happy to hear these forums have been a support to you when helping your father apply for the benefit. Thank you for sharing your advice and tips. We really appreciate it! As I'm sure others can benefit from this information as well.

    My condolences for the loss of your father.
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    ProudVetDaughter, My scenario sounds much like yours with my mother passing away after I was named the fiduciary and before the accrued amount was paid. However, it has been 18 months since I filed the 21-601 with receipts for funeral expenses. I have received nothing but a form letter saying 'it is our sincere desire to decide your case..."

    Is it normal to take this long?
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    I replied to your other post on this. Contact one of the Senator's for your Mom's state and have them make an inquiry. 18 months is excessive and unnecessary for this to have been processed.

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