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    I enlisted in the USMC in 1965 during the Viet Nam war, and while going through boot camp was sent to the hospital for a hand injury. While in the hospital the doctor noticed my scar from a kidney operation I had when I was a child. The decision was made to medically discharge me with an Honorable discharge and the notation "recommended for re enlistment" on my dd-214. The doctor said they did not want me to become injured and eligible for a disability pension because of the prior kidney operation. I did not complete 90 days of active service though. I recently went to my audiologist and she has recently worked for the VA. She advised me that there have been recent rule changes and since I was medically discharged from active service that I might be eligible for veterans benefits (such as hearing aides).
    Any information you could provide will be greatly appreciated
    Bill Buckley
    Leander, Texas
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    It is highly unlikely you would be eligible for any veterans benefits but you should still apply to make sure
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    We can't speak to any benefits you may be entitled to from the medical side of things. For the purpose of this pension, the 90 days of consecutive service would be a requirement.

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