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    I just don't understand. My mother-in-law became ill and the aid and assistance was applied for by my sister-in-law. My mother-in-law's husband was in WWII in the Navy and deceased. The Chattanooga office said that my mother-in-law qualified for about $800 monthly benefits. Unfortunately she died before she saw the first check. My father was in the army during WWII and is now in a nursing home with dementia. We tried to file papers for him and the representative in West Tennessee said even if he qualifies (and from everything I have read, he does) he will only get about $20 a month. He said that no one gets much on this aid and assistance pension and that my mother-in-law would not have gotten near that amount. Does any of this sound correct to anyone? From everything I have read on this site, my dad should get a lot more.
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    I think the representative does not know what he is talking about or he does not want to take the time to file an application. Either way, I would not feel comfortable in having you work with him. Get a second opinion or do it yourself.

    How long ago did your mother-in-law pass? If it has not been over two years, you may be able to get the benefits that were due her before her death. This is another one of those things that the VA fails to tell people about. They feel it is only their job to consider application presented but they do not have to tell you what you can apply for. Injustice.

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    Is your father private pay in the nursing home? or is it paid for my medicaid? If the latter, he won't be able to keep much of the Aid and Attendance monies-- I think nursing homes allow medicaid patients to keep only $60/month for private use...

    I don't know if this is what the Veterans advisor was referring to... But if he is private paying for the nursing home, he should be eligible for A&A (if assets are low enough, etc.)

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