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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by brunn2, Jul 27, 2015.

  1. brunn2

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    I keep reading about sending Certified Discharge Papers. Is the Notice of Separation from Service the same or acceptable to file if I don't have his Discharge Papers?
  2. vetadmin

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    Yes, you can use a certified copy of the Notice of Separation to make application.
  3. brunn2

    brunn2 Newbie

    Where do you get it Certified?
  4. vetadmin

    vetadmin Administrator Staff Member

    Anyone who is a Notary can do it. The copy just needs to say "true and accurate" copy.

    Most go to their local bank who have a Notary on staff.
  5. 215thAAA

    215thAAA Newbie

    In New York State notaries are not authorized to make certified copies of anything. I went the substitute forms route.

    I have my father's original DD214 and WWII dates of service because he saved all his paperwork, but the documents are fragile and I didn't want to risk losing them. I got a certified copy, raised seal and all, from the VA Records Management Center in St. Louis. It was easy. Here's what I did:

    I downloaded Standard Form 180 (Request Pertaining to Military Records) from the National Archives site (Archives.gov).
    Filled out SF-180 with all known information and had my father sign it.
    Faxed completed form to St. Louis at 314-801-9195
    The certified service documents were received by mail 10 days later.
    I think having his service number and dates helped a lot. My father can recite his serial number, maybe your veteran still knows his too.

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