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  1. llwright

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    My mother's net benefits paid in 2015 were $13,042.80. This is before the Medicare B&D are deducted. Her yearly income after those deductions is $11,176.80. My question is will the VA subtract Medicare from the net benefits paid or her yearly income of $11,176.80? Thanks.
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    The VA includes Medicare premiums as an expense. Since the VA look at the total income of the applicant, they will look at the $11,176.80 most likely because, as you said, this is her yearly income after deductions (expenses). I hope that helps. That is the way I am seeing it and how I am guessing the VA will see it based on the information you gave.
  3. llwright

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    Just want to make sure they deduct medicare premiums from the $11,176.80. I'm trying to get her income to the MAPR.

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