Closed file in December with no decision letter.

Discussion in 'Waiting on Updates' started by Caregiversunite, Mar 30, 2017.

  1. I filed my NY claim with the Philly office and just found out that the VA closed my file in December without sending a decision letter. I assume I was rejected. I have requested a decision letter. What are the next steps? Find a lawyer? Thank you!!
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    I'm sorry to hear about this, Caregiversunite. The next step is you need to find out what the decision was exactly and why they made that decision. I can't give you any advice until we know those answers.
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    This is where I feel that a VSO would be able to help more. VSOs should have access to all of the VA systems and would be able to view the letter and even print it off for you. They are able to view what is going on in every step of the process as the VA adjudicates the claim and answer questions and email the persons who are actually working on the claim.
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