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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jbryant916, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. jbryant916

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    I and my family are new to the process. Just want to clarify whether or not we need to include the Nursing Home form in the application. My mother-in-law is in an assisted living facility and receives the necessary assistance, but she is definitely NOT in a nursing home. Just want to make sure we don't need to send the Nursing Home form in with her application for A&A. Thanks very much!
  2. vetadmin

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    Get a Statement of Occupancy from the ALF to include with the application packet.
  3. jbryant916

    jbryant916 Newbie

    Thanks much for your assistance!
  4. Max

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    If you look at a previous post I listed the questions VA asks for assisted living facilities (its called care expense questions). There is not a form for assisted living, so when someone applies, VA just embedded the exact questions I listed into a word document letter and has the claimant fill them out and send them back. A statement of occupancy works a lot of times, but the problem is that with thousands of assisted living facilities, not all of them have a standardized format, so some of them miss some of the questions. If just one question is missed, VA just sends out the questions I listed on that post.

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